Zalakaros is located in the southwestern part of Hungary, 20 air kilometres from Lake Balaton and about 18 kilometres far from the nearest city, Nagykanizsa. The almost 800 years old town became famous for its discovered thermal water 35 years ago. During a searching sink people discovered a 96 degrees thermal water, that contains sulphur hydrogen, brome, hydrogen carbon and iodine, can be classified as sulphur thermal water because of this special composition.
The internationally known thermal water is especially effective on locomotor diseases, gynaecological diseases, dental diseases, and orthopaedics and surgery aftercare treatments. The covered bath is open during the whole year; the thermal bath surrounded by big nicely well-kept parks operates only in the season. In the 4000 m2 big bathing-complex our guests can choose between the thermal base heated on 32-36 C and the fun-bath.
In the nicely built medical centre there are sitting thermal basins, bubble bath with CO2 blowing, thermal basins, and Jacuzzi. Thermal water treatments are the following: flow massage under the water, weight bath, carbonated bath. In this varied scenery you can find all the beauty and attraction of Western Hungary. Variety of low lands and downs, forests, open woodlands, blossoming fields are all combined in a green harmony. The rear plants, and protected animals make this place very special. And of course there is a precious thing that cannot be identified with normal human worth. It is the precious gift of the continuously moving depth of our earth, the almost 100 C thermal water full with valuable mineral resources.
Almost a million visitor here järlich, regenerieren recover its tired, exhausted or sick organism in the kräftigenden well-being water in a quiet environment. The experience becomes through it perfect that in this area friendly persons live, who let over the kindness connected with its work out de Gasten loving attention become given, a since generations vererbtes, out of the depth of the heart coming consciousness . And over that of all - next to the many Bequemichkeiten, the one Kraufenthalt comfortably form - the little colorful notebook gives a survey. We ask you to read it aufmersam, and if it succeeds us to wake your interest, will see we one another in Zalakaros! Let also you be our regular guest!
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